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Christ’s Hope International

Christ's Hope International (www.christshope.org) is the organisation who approached us in 2007 to join them as fulltime missionaries and set-up their work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 'Caring for AIDS-affected children' is what we do. What vision, mission and approach we use for that, can be found at Christ's Hope website. Please visit our international site to get a full picture of how we work.

Christ’s Hope Congo

February 1st of 2009 is the date at which we arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With only an address and 4 bags, this totally new country had much to be discovered for us. Christ's Hope International was not active in the DRC at that point, so we had to start up this mission from scratch. Given the vision and mission of Christ's Hope International, we soon decided to fully devote our attention to the thousands of AIDS-affected orphans and vulnerable children in the capital city of Kinshasa. 
We started a not-for profit, called 'Christ's Hope RD Congo,' and by april 2009, the first 'Kidsclubs' were organised. Effectively caring for the overwhelming numbers of these children without hope became our main focus. An example of one of these children is Marc:

'Marc is 3 and lives with his mam. Dad died a while ago because of Aids and mam, infected with HIV as well, isn't in a very good condition either. With his two sisters, one brother and grand-mother, they live in a shack and fight every day to survive. School, acces to medical treatment when necessary, clean clothes, nutritious meals and more of these 'normal things' for a child that is growing-up, are not part of Marcs live. For him, every day is a battle to survive and hope to brake out of this cycle isn't part of his thinking.'


Marc is just one of the children in our care. Not a number, nor a statistic but the story of a real child, a real life. Do you have a child of 3? Think about the many elements of care you offer your child in order for it to grow up and have a hopefull future. 

By setting up 'CarePoints' Christ's Hope RD Congo offers children the care they need to grow up with a hopefull future. A hope to brake the cycle of poverty and sickness their families have been living in for generations. 
A 'CarePoint' is a house in the neigborhood of the children, where they meet multiple times a week after. Each 'CarePoint' has a team of loving and trained CareGivers, waiting for the children to arrive after school. The programs ran at our 'CarePoints' offer a holistic caremodel, based on the 5 vital needs for each child growing up:
physical need (food, medical treatment, clothes, ...), mental need (school: each CarePoint makes sure every registered child goes to school, by paying all related expenses to that, education, monitoring of school results through individual follow-up and school visits, life-skills, ...), spiritual need (bringing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to each child, providing them with the biblical tools to brake the cycle of their present life), social and emotional need (counselling, living and coping with peers, relationships in a safe environment, ...). 


A CarePoint makes the difference in a child's life. 
The difference between:
Being able to read and write or passing its entire life in illitracy;
Being hungry and suffering from malnutrition or having regular hot and nutritious meals and growing up enjoying full health;
Being infected with HIV or having the skills to say 'NO' to sexual adventures, remaining pure and having hope to found a stable, happy family;
Living without God or comming to know Him as Lord and Saviour;
Living the rest of its life in the circle of poverty, Aids and stigmatisation or being able to brake that cycle and living a hopefull and stable life, with hope in Chirst.
You can make that difference in a child's life, by becoming a Child Sponsor. To offer all care we do, through CarePoints, we are in need of many funds. Think about the many hot and nutritious meals we provide the children with, multiple times a week. The medical care and follow up or the education we fully pay for each child.
By becoming a Child Sponsor, you allow us to register another child in a CarePoint, transforming his or her life and enabeling it to brake the cycle he or she lives in. By becoming a Child Sponsor, not only will your finances enable us to register another child in a CarePoint but though letter writing and regular communication, you will 'boost' your child's self-image and become a personal friend to your child.
By becoming a Child Sponsor, not only will you be responsible for all differences as written above, but you will bring back the hope into a child's life, the hope for a stable life, a happy family, a good job and a life lived in and with Christ.
Want to know more about Child Sponsorship? Contact us and we'll be happy to send you all information needed. 

Thank God

We thank God for our move
that is near its end. All went
well. We thank God for the 
visit of Glenn's dad, Esther's
dad and her grandfather who 
are doing amazing work for us
and who are a great 

Glenn & Esther, zendelingen in de Democratische Republiek Congo
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