Please pray for Sandra

Friday 27 January 2017 09:54

Sandra became a CareGiver about 4 years ago. She quickly showed to be a very dedicated, competent person and took the responsibility over one of our Ministry CarePoints. About 2 years later, having grown in her job, she accepted to become our Country OVC Department Leader, being responsible over all 4 Ministry CarePoint as well as for the start of new MCP's. She's a great person and a real strength in our team. She married about 2 years ago

and was pregnant of their first child. It got born too early and died two weeks later. She was very happy to inform us about 7 months ago that she was pregnant again. Unfortunately, the child came to early again and died a few hours after being born. 
May I ask you to keep her and her husband in your prayers. Having children is very important in DRC culture and so this will be very hard for them. Please pray that they'll grab hold of God and that He'll guide them through this storm. Thanks so much, Blessings, Glenn

(Sandra on the right, training 2 new CareGivers)

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Glenn & Esther, missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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