Rain, chaos on the roads and dirty streets

IMG_2545.JPGFriday 10 February 2017 09:04

That's about the summary of the last 2 to 3 days. Everyday, Esther leaves at 6am to get in time in school with Ruby-Jane, which starts at 8. 2 days ago, things went a little different. At 5.30am the day started with a serious storm. As we left home, the rain only intensified. Roads became rivers, potholes lakes and the chaos was obvious. When

we finally reached Ruby's school, we fully saw the extend of the rain. A small river next to her school had surpassed its banks and turned all streets next to it into one giant river. Small cars could no longer pass and it seemed as if all vehicles suddenly became little boats. No more tires or wheels to be seen, all was submerged! 
Happy to finally having reached our destination, we get an sms from school: 'No school today, flooding.' Indeed, all clases had water up to 30cm. Surprise vacation thus ... Next day, while the water was gone, the rain had left it's mark. All the dirt remained behind and thus the streets looked terrible. This time, it wasn't rain that messed things up ... A large truck had blocked the road due to engine failure. Esther, who had left home at 6am again, reached school at 9.15. Yes, 3 hours and 15minutes in the car to reach school, just 19km away from our house. Just to tell you how things sometimes totally go wrong and how pressing our move closer to town becomes. Will you help us to make this move possible?  

(Left from the trees there is a river that now turned the entire road into a river.)

We surely need and appreciate your support. Much blessings, Glenn, Esther and Ruby-Jane

(The bridge to turn right to Ruby-Jane's school)

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