Encouraged by their visit

IMG_3144.JPGSaturday 18 March 2017 22:10

My dad, Esther's dad and her grandfather all arrived exactly 1 week ago. After having moved to another place, there is a lot of work to be done. No, when you rent a house in Congo it's usually NOT spotless and all working. You have to fix this, install that and repair this ... We had little energy left after moving for 3 weeks and so this 3 great men decided to give up time and money to come and encourage us while working very hard on a few projects we gave them.

We have this nice porch on our house but the amount of mosquitos just makes it impossible to sit in. Furthermore it's not very secure as is gives direct acces to our front door. Fencing this in was one of the bigger things we asked them to do and yes ... they did it! In just 7 days they made our house cooler, bigger, safer and nicer, by fencing in the porch so that we can use it. 
Adding 2 1500l tanks to our current water reservoir and putting them high enough so we still have running water when there is no power for the pressure pump was another of those big things to do. Apart from some plumming work, that one too is done. So our dad's 'holiday' hasn't been much of a rest ... I make sure they keep on working, even when they feel like it's to hot to be doing anything. Our house is rapidely becoming a home, thanks to them and Esther who keeps on adding personal touches. A big thank you to these 3 hero's for coming and to our God who brough them just at the right time. 

Who's next to come?

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Glenn & Esther, missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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